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    French Creek has been helping water treatment professionals troubleshoot, diagnose, and treat industrial aqueous systems for over 30 years.

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Powerful Scale Prediction

After rigorous speciation and ion pairing, French Creek programs simultaneously model 18+ relevant scales. Saturation levels are displayed over an adjustable range of typical to stressed operating conditions.

Inhibitor Modeling For

  • Field Specialists, to assist in selecting and optimizing treatments;
  • The Formulator, in developing inhibitor blends for specific applications;
  • The Researcher, who wishes to model the performance of an inhibitor package.

Custom formulations, using common materials, can be quickly entered and distributed to staff or other personnel. These models contain data for dosage suggestions and product limitations. Lab editions can be used to generate models from lab and performance data.


Several models come standard with French Creek applications -- like the CO2-H2S module in DownHole SAT™ or the 1010 Carbon Steel model in WaterCycle®. Lab Editions enable users to build their own model using laboratory data. Check each program for included model.

Users Worldwide

French Creek users are located across the globe in various applications, including cooling water, oilfield, reverse osmosis, mining, municipal, and water reuse.

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