Getting Started

A Brief Interface Tour

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Menu System

Most all modules and features of each program can be activated or viewed through the menu system. Hover the pins below to read about each menu item.

File Save your Workspace. Including: Chemistry Input, System Parameters & Settings.
Input Input water chemistry and system parameters. Remember to check and/or change analytical units to match your analysis.
What-If Once an analysis is entered, use this menu to open various tables, graphs and one-page reports. Only options from the current module will be selectable, as noted by the black font.
Formulary Select a treatment product or input a custom formulation. (Product Manager, Formulator Edition & Laboratory Editions enable users to enter custom products using French Creek's vast raw material model library)

Entering a Water Analysis

To get started, enter an analysis (or several into a mixing module - if available) using the INPUT menu.

The INPUT menu contains one or more options for entering an analysis, each represents a different modeling module in that given French Creek program.  Remember to check that your analytical units match - if they do not, use the CHANGE UNITS button in the analysis input form.

Predicting Mineral Scale Potential

After an analysis is entered, select a module from the What-If menu. Only options from the current module will be available, as noted by the black font.

Select from tables, 2D Graphs, 3D graphs and One-Page Summaries.