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hyd-RO-dose® Software

Membrane Treatment Modeling

An innovative approach to reverse osmosis treatment software, combining advanced scale prediction calculations (borrowed from oilfield & cooling water) with proprietary French Creek inhibitor modeling/dosaging.

Scale Prediction

Using a powerful ion association model, hyd-RO-dose calculates saturation levels for 18 different scales. By not relying on traditional/simple indices, hyd-RO-dose extends the applicable range for use in high TDS applications including seawater and water reuse scenarios. More info on French Creek calculations »

Use hyd-RO-dose to:

  • Evaluate scale potential for 18 different scales
  • Determine a system's optimal operating range
  • Test the effect of pH controls
  • Select a suitable treatment & dosage

Visual Aid Color Coding: Blue Safe - Red Bad

  • Scales Modeled
  • Calcite
  • Aragonite
  • Witherite
  • Strontianite
  • Magnesite
  • Anhydrite
  • Gypsum
  • Barite
  • Celestite
  • Fluorite
  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Amorphous silica
  • Brucite
  • Magnesium silicate (stoichiometric)
  • Iron hydroxide
  • Siderite
  • Strengite
  • Indices Also Calculated
  • Langelier Saturation
  • Ryznar Stability
  • Puckorius Practical
  • Stiff Davis Index
  • C.C.P.P.

Scale Inhibitor Modeling

hyd-RO-dose Premium Edition users (see edition guide) can input and model custom  products.

Using French Creek's wide raw material library, users can quickly input their own formulations. Models include most widely used generic (HEDP, PAA, etc.) and many proprietary materials (Belclene, ACUMER, etc.).

Modeling includes insight on your product's:

  • Saturation level limitations
  • Dosage recommendations

Annual Maintenance

Your French Creek Software licenses are valuable - protect them with an Annual Maintenance Agreement. Users with current Annual Maintenance Agreements enjoy updates with new features, new inhibitors, and compatibility with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. 

  • Software Support
    New software licenses come with 30 days of technical support. French Creek recommends purchasing at time of licensing to extend to one year + the 30 complimentary days.
  • Version Updates
    Multiple versions of each software program are released each year with new features. Updates are delivered through digital download. Free update privileges end after 30 days of initial software license purchase.
  • Upgrade Discounts
    Many users start with Basic Edition Licenses then choose to upgrade to a Premium Edition License. A privilege to having maintenance is the ability to upgrade editions for the difference in licensing fees (for example updating from a Field Engineer Edition to a Laboratory Edition or upgrading to a Water Reuse Suite.

Annual Maintenance is due upon licensing and is billed annually.

One-Time Update

Has your Annual Maintenance Agreement expired? No need to re-license. Purchase a One-Time Update to reinstate Annual Maintenance for the next 365 days.

One-Time Reinstatement Fee
Those without an active Annual Maintenance Agreement, who wish to reinstate their plan must pay the One-Time Update Fee (40% of license fee). One-Time Update Fees include one year of Annual Maintenance privileges.